[ in · tus ]
adverb, Latin – translation: within

Our Story

Intus Brandmark, Fitness Apparel, It's All You

You are still you.

The “greater than or equal to” symbol. That’s our brandmark – but why?

We aren’t here to change
who you are.

Intus is all about empowering you to feel like the greatest version of you. That doesn’t mean transforming you into someone else.

That’s why we wear this mark with pride.
As you work on yourself, be proud of yourself.
You are you, and you’re doing great.

There’s something about putting on a good set of fitness gear that gives you that massive rush of energy.

The Beginning

“It all started at the gym.”

There is a certain feeling we get when we chuck on a new set of kicks or a new tee before we hit the gym. Energised, motivated and ready to F•S•U 💪 But what happens when these products don't sustain that feeling? They end up in the back of your wardrobe. Over the years, I've found myself critiquing a lot of the fitness gear I've owned to any of my mates that will listen – listing what I loved and hated about each piece.

The desire to start my own brand has always been there, since my early twenties. In 2018, it took one conversation with one of my closest friends to spark the motivation to fulfil that dream. After a year of planning, researching and developing, Intus launched in August 2019.

Intus has helped deliver something I have always been passionate about – providing something I’m proud of to others.

Michael Masalkovski

Founder, Managing Director of Intus