Introducing the Vibe Range

Introducing the Vibe Range

Good vibes only. ✌️

We are absolutely stoked to finally release our Vibe Range – our brightest and most versatile range yet! Why Vibe? Well... it’s been a bit of crazy year, so the only thing we want to put out there is GOOD VIBES and good times 🌈 x

So what's the deal?

We’re switching things up at Intus – we’ve been known to be a brand with a staple colour palette. Solid. Functional. Versatile. But this time, we're cranking up the colour dial while bringing all these elements together – with improved material and a little bit of zest – because life is full of colour!

Here's a few features that excite us (and hopefully, you too!)

  1. No front seams.
    From day dot, we’ve always said that Intus says no to these bad boys. So you’ll never catch a front seam on any of our leggings.
  2. All the cuts.
    BootyMidi or Bike Shorts? Three-quarters or full length? We’ve got six different types of bottom cuts in this range, because we are all about giving you choice.
  3. Scrunch – finally!
    We've finally included scrunch bums as part of our range – show off those booty gains in style!
  4. Comfort above all else.
    Remember our Unity material? We’ve improved it – again. Making slight tweaks to our composition has made this material even softer. We can’t believe it's not butter.
  5. Five colours. 
    The core Vibe Range comes in Peach, Aqua, Mint. We've also extended the range using our token Red & Midnight Black colours too!
  6. Moisture-wicking.
    Our polyester blend is ultra-breathable and comfy, while also wicking sweat to keep you dry during your workouts.
  7. Clippable straps. 
    Prefer a bit of extra support while working out? Our Vibe Sports Bras feature a discreet clip that can be attached to offer that bit of extra reinforcement. If you like to keep your straps separate, just rotate the clip ring to hide it!
The Vibe RangeThe Vibe RangeThe Vibe Range